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Government Recognition
Approval of New Curriculum
  Bachelor of Arts
  English Language Studies

Political Science



Information Technology
Government Recognition
Approval of New Curriculum
  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  Marketing Management
  Human Resource Management
  Financial Management
  Operations Management
  Business Economics
 For inquiries, email to or call 02-7501-9394. 
CHED RECOGNIZED LADDERIZED PROGRAMS - Click here to check CHED's List of Recognized Colleges

In order to provide the students the necessary platforms that will open pathways of opportunities for career and educational progression, the College sought, and was granted by the Commission on Higher Education, recognition of its Ladderized Programs.

Under this program, a Certificate in Associate in Arts shall be awarded to the student after his completion of four (4) terms. Should circumstances prevent him from finishing his Bachelor’s degree, he won’t be left empty-handed since he already has earned his Associate Degree – a tool he can use when seeking for better job opportunities.

The Diploma in Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science shall be awarded to him after his completion of all the terms required by the course – 6 terms for A.B. Programs or 7 terms for the BSBA Programs. 


Any person - a Filipino residing in the Philippines or abroad or a resident alien - who has completed secondary education or its equivalent may be admitted to CAP College upon presentation of the appropriate school credentials and documents, as follows:

A. Entering Freshmen:

  1. Application for Admission
  2. Form 138 (High School Report Card) or its equivalent
  3. 2 copies 1x1 ID picture with white background
  4. 2 copies 2x2 ID picture with white background

B. Transferring Students:

  1. Application for Admission
  2. Official Transcript of Records or Certificate of Grades
  3. Transfer Credentials or Certificate of Transfer from the former school
  4. 2 copies 1x1 ID picture with white background
  5. 2 copies 2x2 ID picture with white background

C. Foreign Students:

  1. Application for Admission
  2. Official Transcript of Records
  3. Personal History Statement
  4. 2 copies 1x1 ID picture with white background
  5. 2 copies 2x2 ID picture with white background
  6. Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)
  7. Study Permit (issued by the Bureau of Immigration)

If the original credentials are not immediately available, CAP College may accept an enrollee on temporary enrollment provided that he signs a Waiver Form. His failure to comply with the terms of the Waiver shall result in the cancellation of his enrollment. No credits will be given for any academic work done.

All married female students are required to submit a copy of their marriage contract to justify their change of surname.

For foreign students, based on the temporary evaluation of records, CAP College will issue a Notice of Acceptance (NOA) which will be submitted with the authenticated documents to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), copy furnished the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) for corresponding action.

All Student-Applicants follow the enrollment procedures below:

  1. Accomplish the Application for Admission (AFA).
  2. Request the Local Registration Personnel (LRP) to review the AFA and the submitted school credentials.
  3. Pay the initial Comprehensive Fees to the cashier and claim the Official Receipt.
  4. Present the AFA to the cashier for validation.
  5. Submit to the LRP the validated AFA together with the required documents.
  6. Affix his signature on the Accounting Copy of the Certificate of Matriculation (COM) prepared by the LRP.
  7. Claim from the Local Module Custodian (LMC) his modules and acknowledge receipt by signing the Module Issuance Slip (MIS).


The College generally allows its students to cross-enroll in government-recognized colleges or universities of their choice. A cross-enrollment permit should be secured from the Registrar and the student should adhere to the maximum load regulation. A Cross-enrollment Fee of P100.00 per subject is collected from the student.

The number of units cross-enrolled is counted in his load for the term. Credits earned in another institution without a study permit and prior approval by CAP College will not be honored.

Students from other institutions may be allowed to cross-enroll at CAP College upon presentation of proper documentation and permit from the school of origin.

Apart from cross-enrollment, double registration or simultaneous enrollment in two (2) different educational institutions is not allowed.


Any change in registration shall be done using the prescribed form.

If the request for Change of Registration is made within 7 working days after the student’s receipt of his copy of the COM, no fee shall be required. After the 7th working day, a fee of P500.00 per subject shall be collected.  

Partial withdrawal of subjects or changing subjects during the term is allowed provided that no modules have been issued yet for the subjects that the student intends to change. 

A student may add subjects provided that he does not exceed the regular load for the term. 


Under the Credit Equivalency Program, a student may earn credits for his field experience (actual work experience) or training (attendance in seminars, workshops, conferences, and the like) if such is related to the subjects under his program at CAP College. Depending on the merits of his field experience or training, CAP College may grant credits or may require the student to undergo a validating examination.

To avail of this program, the student with the above-mentioned field experience or training may apply for the Credit Equivalency Program subject to the following guidelines:

  1. Submit the original or certified true copy of documentary proofs like training certification, performance rating or its equivalent, research papers written;
  2. Pass the validating examination conducted by the CAP College’s panel of subject specialists, if such is required; and
  3. Enroll the subject to be accredited as part of the load for the term.


A student’s Final Grade is a composite of his grades for the following:
Module Test, Self-Learning Activity Report (SLAR), if required, and Final Examination.

For subjects with SLAR, the computation of the final Grade shall be:
20% Module Test Grade, 30% SLAR Grade, and 50% Final Examination Grade.

For subjects without SLAR, the computation of the final Grade shall be:
30% Module Test Grade and 70% Final Examination Grade.

All students are required to obtain a passing grade in every Module Test and in the Final Examination before the Final Rating shall be computed.

A student who fails a Module Test shall be allowed to re-take the Module Test until he passes that particular Module Test. However, after obtaining failing marks for three (3) takes of the Module Test, the student shall be required to undergo counseling and tutorial before he shall be allowed another re-take. The Module Test shall not be returned until a passing grade is earned.

A student who fails the Final Examination is allowed only one (1) re-take. If the student fails the Final Examination re-take, he will need to re-enroll the subject and shall pay the full Comprehensive Pay. 


If within the prescribed term of four (4) months from date of registration a student is unable to complete the requirements of any of the subjects he is enrolled in, he shall be given a Grace Period of one year from the end of the term to submit the Module Test and to take the Final Examinations

During the one-year Grace Period, the student receives a grade of INCOMPLETE (INC) for all subjects that he has not completed yet until such time when he has complied with all the subjects’ requirements.

After the end of the Grace Period:

  • Subjects for which no payment has been made yet shall be given a rating of AUTHORIZED WITHDRAWAL (AW) and shall be included in the regular load upon enrollment for another term.
  • Subjects for which payments have been made but the requirements of which have remained incomplete shall get a remark of NO CREDIT (NC) in the Report on Final Grades.


This is only for those subjects which have been marked NC due to non-completion of the requirements after the end of the Grace Period.

For these subjects, a student may avail of the Balik-Aral Program of CAP College. Under this program, the student may re-register the subjects without having to pay again the Comprehensive Fees for the said subjects. He only pays all unpaid installments for these subjects plus a Balik-Aral Fee of P500.


The following are pre-requisites for graduation:

  1. Completion of all academic requirements
  2. Residence of at least 36 units
  3. Settlement of all financial and property obligations
  4. Accomplishment of the application for graduation within the first month of the last term.


A candidate for graduation with honors must have completed a minimum of 75% of the required subjects of the course at CAP College.

The appropriate graduation honors and their corresponding minimum final ratings are as follows: 

Summa Cum Laude 1.4 to 1.0 with no grade below 1.5
Magna Cum Laude 1.7 to 1.5 with no grade below 1.8
Cum Laude 2.0 to 1.8 with no grade below 2.1
Loyalty Award Given to whoever has completed the entire course at CAP College, has no failing grade in any subject and has good moral character.

Other special citations may be awarded depending on the student’s outstanding performance in other areas or fields.


CAP College provides tutorial services to its active students (those enrolled within the last six months) and to students under the one-year Grace Period. The face-to-face sessions are held at the CAP College Head Office and at the Learning Centers in various regions around the country. The following are the guidelines in the availment of these services:

  1. Each student with an active status is entitled to free face-to-face tutorials under a designated tutor for a maximum of three hours per term. If several students are taking the same subject, the tutor may conduct group sessions. The number of minutes/hours may be pro-rated among the students attending the session.
  2. Before attending tutorial sessions, students should make an appointment and send their questions to the Distance Learning Centers at least a week before the scheduled tutorial time. Students are not allowed to contact the tutors directly.
  3. If a student feels that he needs more tutorial hours beyond the maximum limit of three hours per term, he may avail of the tutorial services for a fee of P350.00 per hour. Tutorial fees are paid directly to the Head Office or to the Distance Learning Centers. If the tutorial session is done in groups, the rate will be divided by the number of students who attended the session.
  4. Students under the one-year Grace Period may avail of tutorial services for a fee of P350.00 per hour. The amount may also be divided depending on the number of students included in the session.
  5. Each student may also avail of free tutorials through mail, telephone and email. On-line inter-active tutorials are also available on pre-scheduled sessions.


School credentials will not be released by the Registrar’s Office unless the admission credentials like Form 137-A or the original copy of the Transcript of Records are on file and the clearance for are properly accomplished and signed by the CAP College authorized personnel.

Transfer Credentials shall be released to transferring students of good standing upon submission of the duly accomplished clearance form to the Registrar’s Office. The release of the Transfer Credential shall be considered as a formal separation from the College. Re-admission thereof shall be in accordance with existing admission policies.

The application for the release of the Official Transcript of Records must be filed at the Registrar’s Office fourteen (14) working days before it may be released. The Official Transcript of Records will be sent directly by registered mail upon the request of the educational institution where the student has transferred.

The application for the release of any of the following documents: Certified True Copy of Collegiate Records, Copies of Final Grades, Certificate of Graduation, Certificate of Enrollment or Certified True Copy of Special Order must be filed at the Registrar’s Office at least seven (7) working days before the release of such documents.

Diplomas and Certificates will only be released with the Special Order for the Graduation issued by the Commission on Higher Education. The student should have satisfactorily completed the academic requirement for the course, and must submit documentary stamps to be fixed on the duplicate copy of the diploma or certificate.


Authorized withdrawal from enrollment in all subjects shall be done formally in writing and only if it is done within fifteen (15) days from date of registration which shall be based on the O.R. date.

Reimbursement of fees shall be based on payments made per subject. Subjects for which no payment has been made yet shall not affect the computation of refund.

  • If the subject is paid in full: 50% of the amount paid.
  • If the subject is paid on installment: No refund is given. Unpaid installments shall no longer be collected.

CAP College shall no longer accept the return of issued modules.


Daily classroom attendance is not required at CAP College. The student learns independently and paces himself to be able to meet the requirements of the course by the end of his academic term.

The student’s basic texts are printed modules which he shall receive upon enrollment. A subject consists of an average of five modules and each module contains two or more lessons. Also included in the modules are study guides, list of suggested readings, Self-Progress Check Tests and Module Tests. Audio-video CD ROM’s, educational softwares and the Internet are being made available to supplement the teaching-learning process. One-Week Reviewers and Final Examination Reviewers shall be developed to prepare students for the Final Examinations.

After completing the lessons and Self-Progress Check Tests in each module, the student shall take the self-administered Module Tests and mail this to CAP College for correction and evaluation. The process shall be repeated for the remaining modules.

When all the Module Tests of a subject have been submitted the student may take the Final Examination for that particular subject. However, he may choose to finish all the Module Tests of all subjects before taking the Final Examination.

Final Examinations are taken in person at CAP College or at designated Distance Education Learning Centers. All accounts must be paid before a student may be allowed to take the Final Examinations. The student must present his identification card when taking the Final Examinations. Two hours are allotted to complete the Final Examinations for each subject. Students must pay the proctor’s fee of P50.00 per subject and the cost of mailing the examination papers.

Every month, the student should be able to complete at least one subject.

For students residing or working abroad, arrangements will be made for them to take the examinations at the nearest Philippine Embassy, consulate office, place of worship or at a venue that shall be acceptable to both the College and the student. A proctor shall be assigned to administer the examinations. Proctor’s fee and mailing expenses shall be charged to the students.

CAP College sends reminders for tuition payment, submission of tests and credentials. However, the student is expected to comply with deadlines regardless of their receipt of such reminders. It is important that the student maintains contact with the College. Any change in status or address should be reported immediately.

A student may proceed to the next term of study upon completion of the Module Tests and Final Examinations of all the subjects for the term.


NSTP is offered by CAP College. Modules are available for this subject. 

CAP College offers P.E. but classes are held only at the Head Office. However, a student may enroll in P.E. with CAP College and complete the subject by submitting a certification of membership in any of the following:

  • Sports Gym
  • SK/Barangay/Municipal
  • Sports Team Athletics or Sports Club

Those who are not members of any of the above-mentioned sports groups nor can attend classes at the Head Office have to cross-enroll the subject at a government-recognized college or university.

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