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The CAP College School for the Deaf (CAP SFD) is the first college for the Deaf in Manila and one of the first post-secondary training programs for the Deaf in the Philippines. CAP SFD opened in 1989, giving hope to deaf high school graduates who are looking forward to college education that will prepare them to become productive members of Philippines society.


The CAP College School for the Deaf believes in the potentials of the Deaf. CAP SFD strives to help improve their socio-economic condition through education and is committed to help the Deaf become competent and skilled workers in their chosen field. CAP College believes that through their personal advancement, they can become instruments in helping their deaf brothers.

The goal of CAP College SFD is to provide the Deaf the best and most appropriate post- secondary and baccalaureate programs. This will encourage them to develop their full potential and become productive, self-reliant, and well balanced deaf citizens of the country.


  • Associate in Arts in Information Technology
  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Management, Marketing or Entrepreneurship


  1. Application for Admission
  2. Medical and physical examination by a CAP College accredited physician
  3. College admission test result
  4. High School Report Card (for freshmen) or Transcript of Records (for transferees)
  5. Recommendation from the high school principal or guidance counselor (for freshmen) or Certificate of Transfer from the former college (for transferees)
  6. 2 copies 1x1 ID picture
  7. 2 copies 2x2 ID picture
  8. Interview with the applicant and parents 


A special class is defined as a subject which is not a regular offering for the semester but is needed by an irregular student to be able to graduate from his course during the semester. It may be opened at the request of students subject to the following conditions:

  1. The students requesting for a special class are graduating at the end of the semester during which the subject is to be offered.
  2. There should be at least 3 enrollees in a subject.
  3. Students agree to pay 30 percent mark up on the tuition fee.
  4. Sessions will be scheduled depending on the mutual convenience of both faculty and students, subject to the approval of the Coordinator. Special classes will be held at the SFD.


Students may make changes in their schedule only with the approval of the Registrar within the first two days after the official start of classes. Unauthorized changes will not be credited.


Any student who desires to leave the college for valid reasons shall be entitled to a refund under the following conditions:

  1. Notification of withdrawal should be done within the enrollment period up to 15 calendar days after the opening of regular classes.
  2. The amount to be refunded is based on the payments made and the date of the receipt of notification of withdrawal.
    1. If received before the opening of classes, the full amount paid excluding the Registration Fee shall be reimbursed.
    2. If received within one week but before the 15th calendar day after the opening of classes: There shall be no refund for fees paid on installment basis. For fees paid in full, 85% of the Tuition Fees only (excluding Registration and Miscellaneous Fees) shall be reimbursed
  3. Full payment will be charged to the student who fails to withdraw within the first fifteen (15) days from the opening of classes, whether or not he attended classes.


The School for the Deaf follows the semestral school calendar prescribed by the Commission on Higher Education.


The School for the Deaf uses the traditional system of instruction. Total Communication is the medium of instruction.


A. Absences

  1. Students are expected to attend classes regularly.
  2. Absences should not exceed 20 percent of the total hours required for a subject in a given semester. In a 3-unit subject, a maximum of 9 hours of absences shall be allowed. For a 2-unit subject, the maximum number of allowed absences is 6 hours.
  3. Excused absences will be recorded and will be included in the accumulated absences of the students.
  4. Any student who accumulates more than the maximum number of allowed absences in a given subject automatically receives a final mark of DRP (DROPPED).
  5. A student is considered absent if he is not present: a. After 20 minutes of a 60 minute class b. After 30 minutes of a 90-minute or longer class
  6. Non-attendance in any required class, laboratory work, field trip, special project or written test constitutes an absence.
  7. When a student returns to school after an absence, he should present a letter from his parent/guardian to the SFD Coordinator who will issue a permit to be presented to the instructor. If he fails to present such letter, he may be admitted to class but should bring the required documents the following day. In case he still fails to do so, he shall be marked absent for that particular day and will be sent back to the SFD Coordinator. 

B. Tardiness

  1. A student is considered late if he arrives within 20 minutes after the scheduled start of a class.
  2. In case when professors are late for class, students should wait for 20 minutes before leaving the class. They should also inform the office of the instructor’s absence.  


Students are required to secure the examination permits one week before the examination week. The policy of NO PERMIT, NO EXAMINATION shall be implemented.


The numerical rating adopted by the Distance Education System of CAP College shall be followed.

A student who does not complete the requirement of a course within the regular time of the term shall be given a grade of “INC” (Incomplete). Each incomplete grade must be accompanied by a contract agreement agreed to by both instructor and student as to:

  1. What work remains to be completed
  2. How it is to be evaluated
  3. A time indicated for completion, within but no later than, one year from the time of its incurrence.

A mark of “Incomplete” shall be replaced by a Final Grade consistent with the student’s performance in the subject in which the deficiency was incurred. If he fails to remove the deficiency within the grace period of one year, he shall be given a Final Grade of “5.0” which is a Failed mark.

Grades shall be computed as follows:

  • Final Grade = (Midterm + Tentative Final Grade) / 2
  • Midterm Grade = (Midterm Exam + Class Standing for the Midterm Period) / 2
  • Tentative Final Grade = (Final Exam + Class Standing for the Final Period) / 2


The following are pre-requisites for graduation:

  1. Satisfactory completion of all academic requirements.
  2. Residence of at least one curriculum year (36 units)
  3. Settlement of all financial and property obligations
  4. Accomplishment of the application for graduation within the first month of the last term.

All AA IT students must have earned the National Certificate of Skills Proficiency from TESDA before they are deemed qualified for graduation.

A candidate for graduation with honors must have completed a minimum of 75% of the required subjects of the course at CAP College.

The appropriate graduation honors and their corresponding minimum final ratings are as follows:

Summa Cum Laude 1.4 to 1.0 with no grade below 1.5
Magna Cum Laude 1.7 to 1.5 with no grade below 1.8
Cum Laude 2.0 to 1.8 with no grade below 2.1
Loyalty Award

Given to whoever has completed the entire course at CAP College, has no failing grade in any subject and has good moral character.

Other special citations may be awarded depending on the student’s outstanding performance in other areas or fields.


School credentials will not be released by the Registrar’s Office unless the admission credentials like Form 137-A or the original copy of the Transcript of Records are on file and the clearance forms are properly accomplished and signed by the CAP College authorized personnel.

Transfer Credentials shall be released to transferring students of good standing upon submission of the duly accomplished clearance form to the Registrar’s Office. The release of the Transfer Credential shall be considered as a formal separation from the College. Re-admission thereof shall be in accordance with existing admission policies.

The application for the release of the Official Transcript of Records must be filed at the Registrar’s Office fourteen (14) working days before it may be released. The Official Transcript of Records will be sent directly by registered mail upon the request of the educational institution where the student has transferred.

The application for the release of any of the following documents: Certified True Copy of Collegiate Records, Copies of Final Grades, Certificate of Graduation, Certificate of Enrollment or Certified True Copy of Special Order must be filed at the Registrar’s Office at least seven (7) working days before the release of such documents.

Diplomas and Certificates will only be released with the Special Order for the Graduation issued by the Commission on Higher Education. The student should have satisfactorily completed the academic requirement for the course, and must submit documentary stamps to be fixed on the duplicate copy of the diploma or certificate.

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